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Good Morning FitFam! Saturday AM and I’ve started it out strong. Cardio and Back today! Listen up, I know I’m not the only one who sees this happen… Sooo ladies and gents… If you go to the gym your focus is on the weights! Okay, don’t sit on a machine and text your friends. Don’t walk in circles around two machines claiming territory but taking 20 min in between your 5 rep sets to get on the next one. Don’t take selfies on a machine… Don’t stand around talking to other people, and PLEASE for the love of God do not interrupt someone else’s workout! You are there for YOU! To improve yourself, to work on your goals, to demolish those bad thoughts about you reel and turn them into positive ones. Guys you’re at the gym to work, not to socialize, do yourself a favor (and everyone else) and just focus on YOU! You make your dreams come true, you crush your goals, no one else can or will for you. Get it done! FOCUS & WORKHARD! 💋 xoxo by ryianashlea

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